We are a french-based company whose main goal and motivation is to bring the world of matcha with its ceremonial background and ancient preparation ritual to you. We strive for transparency and simplicity in order to make it easy for you and your lifestyle while giving you all the tools and knowledge you need. We decided to only provide a small selection of ceremonial grade matcha powders so you are not overwhelmed or confused with "where to start". We did all the work for you and have carefully chosen two powders that perfectly represent two different ways (and qualities) of drinking and preparing matcha: 


Our Morning Ritual is the best choice if you like to drink your matcha with some (naturally sweetened) plant-based milk in the morning or as an afternoon pick me up. We are also sharing our favourite recipe with you!

Our second matcha, Heritage Premium is from an award winning 140 year-old family farm in Kyoto and outstanding when it comes to the rich umami flavour that most tea connoisseur focus on when judging premium qualities. We highly recommend drinking this matcha pure and in a traditional way.  It is a true experience and should be honoured and savoured without being in a rush or distracted by another device.

Our matcha selection is never older than three months. Meaning, that the tea is ground to order and they are all grown without pesticides in the main traditional region in Japan.

To connect more with our brand, daily rituals and recipes, follow our journey on lisamueller_matcha!

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