The story of the "Female Balance Elixir"...

I originally created this drink 4 years ago when I had my own restaurant within a sports facility and found out that a lot of women training there had issues with their period or didn’t have it at all. This was alarming but also made me look at my own (irregular) cycle and question / change my diet and training routine.

Swapping coffee for my elixir, especially in the second half of my cycle (right after ovulation) has helped me personally to support and heal my adrenals and get my period back regularly. I have been teaching my “Female Balance Workshop Series” over the past years and focused on an online platform in 2020 which opened a whole new door to so many more women worldwide who participated and shared their stories. I gained a lot of insights and knowledge around this topic through these conversations and my own experience therefore I wanted to create a product and tool that can help and support you individually as well as connect other women who struggle with the same / similar issues to exchange, educate and help / support each other.

How the drink became a product...

On a rainy day in March 2020 we visited San Sebastian in Spain for some pintxos and city inspiration. We ended up in a little épicerie where we bought anchovies, olives and ... chocolate! The packaging of this brand was pretty much jumping into our face and the varieties they sold were unique and intriguing. We tried a few samples and decided to buy a “vegan white chocolate masala chai” bar which was incredibly tasty and surprising given the fact it was vegan. I was impressed...


... we continued our small elixir production but after we sold all the samples, we had to think of a ”bigger plan” to produce. Xavier suggested to just call the Spanish chocolate company to see if they could supply us with their chocolate. I ended up speaking to the owner and founder Raquel Gonzalez, a professional chocolate judge and the master mind behind KAITXO and I guess the rest is history...

It took us another 6 months of many visits, emails and phone calls to set up a production space in their chocolate factory in Spain so we could produce our elixir with her chocolate. Raquel offered to produce a 100% Tanzania chocolate from bean to bar exclusively for the Elixir as the flavor profile fit perfectly with the spices and overall usage of the drink. And of course we didn’t argue with her on that but felt incredibly proud and excited to level up the chocolate game thanks to her expertise.


Chocolate Bean to Bar and specialty coffee


At the end of 2017, Mikel and Rakel González opened the chocolate company Kaitxo - a family business located in Las Enkartaciones (Bizkaia, Spain) and dedicated their work to the production of Bean to Bar chocolates and specialty coffees. Its products have deserved the most

distinguished recognitions in the sector like; the caramelised pistachio tablet that received in Florence the world gold in the category of white flavoured chocolates of the International Chocolate Awards.

KAMILI KAKAO, the chocolate variety we use for the 100% cacao liquor (=cacao paste or mass) is from Tanzania, from the Kamili cooperative, in the Kilombero Valley, close to the city of Morogoro. It’s not only fair traded (one pioneer coop. in Tanzania where they collect cacao from around 2000 farmers fairly payed and process it in the cooperative with a good protocols) but the cacao itself is a trinitario kind, a mix of amelonado and criollo with what is called a "new nacional". The taste reminds you of an exotic berry, it’s fruity and has some woody notes.

Overall one of the best 100% chocolates we have ever tried and so incredibly happy and proud to work with this high quality product & company on our FEMALE BALANCE ELIXIR!