Discovery Pack

Discovery Pack

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This pack is the right choice for you, if you are curious to discover and try both of our matcha powders. We carefully chose these two varieties from our tea farmers as they give you a good overview of the range of ceremonial grade matcha powders that can either be used on a daily basis or for special occasions.


Our "Morning Ritual" or also called “early days” in Japanese is the perfect matcha for a plant-based Matcha Latte as it has a wonderful balance of bitter, grassy, umami and sweet notes. Create a ritual around it so you can fully dive into the experience of a peaceful but energizing start of the day. Packaged in a traditional washi paper bag. 


Our "Heritage Premium" is from an award winning 140 year-old family farm in Ujitawara, Kyoto and outstanding when it comes to the rich umami flavour (Silver Award at "Japanese Tea Selection Paris 2019-2020"). The leaves for this matcha are grown and produced in almost complete traditional style which means the leaves are shaded for 40 days, handpicked, produced into tencha leaves, refined and ground in stone mills. We recommend drinking this matcha pure and in a traditional way, with a "chasen"(= bamboo whisk) and from a matcha bowl. Packaged in a traditional washi paper bag.




    • Ingredient: Green tea grown without pesticides
    • Weight per bag: 30g / 1oz
    • Region: Ujitawara, Kyoto
    • Harvest: Spring
    • Grinding : 100% by stone mill
    • Keep refrigerated or in the freezer
    • Made in Japan

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