Female Balance Elixir

Female Balance Elixir

This cacao blend has been carefully developed and created by Lisa Mueller in order to support your female hormones and connect with your body and all its senses. Our chocolate is made from a 100% bean to bar Tanzania variety that has been ground and combined with high quality cacao powder, caramel-y coconut sugar, assorted superfoods and adaptogens as well as quality sea salt and freshly ground spices that give the blend a warming quality and help with your digestion. The elixir contains coarse chocolate pieces that need to be dissolved in hot water and / or warm plant milk, in order to ensure a smooth and creamy experience. Enjoy this drink on the days of the month when you need some inner guidance, support and an extra portion of self-care.


This blend is dairy-free and therefore suitable for vegans.


    • Ingredients: cacao paste, coconut sugar, cacao powder, red maca, chaga, reishi, spice blend (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, star anise, clove), ashwagandha, salt
    • Manufactured in a facility that uses nuts, dairy, soy and sesame.
    • Weight: 75g / 2.65oz
    • Store dry, cool and away from light
    • Produced in Spain

    Put 1 - 2 tsp of the chocolate blend into a cup and pour 50 ml hot water over it. Let the chocolate melt for a few seconds and stir to dissolve. Heat up  100 ml plant milk and pour over the chocolate mixure.