Female Balance Elixir Pack

Female Balance Elixir Pack

This is the perfect gift for any fabulous woman, sister, mother, friend and of course - yourself.
It includes all the necessary tools that you need to introduce a cacao ritual into your life.  You can prepare your elixir either in the morning if you want to avoid caffeine but enjoy a warm, creamy and nourishing beverage or anytime you need a little break and quality time for yourself


Every item of this pack has been carefully selected based on its highest quality and usage purpose. The "Female Balance Elixir" can help support your hormonal balance and connect yourself with your heart and all its senses. It contains coarse chocolate pieces that need to be dissolved in hot and / or warm plant milk, in order to ensure a smooth and creamy experience.


For the preparation you will need the bamboo whisk which helps you dissolve the powder properly and create a frothy consistency. The cacao cup has been designed in collaboration with BRSG Keramik and has all the traditional features with Elizaveta’s unique style and colour tone. 


Enjoy this drink on the days of the month when you need some inner guidance, support and an extra portion of self-love.


    This pack includes:



    • Ingredients: cacao paste, coconut sugar, cacao powder, red maca, chaga, reishi, spice blend (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, star anise, clove), ashwagandha, salt
    • Manufactured in a facility that uses nuts, dairy, soy and sesame.
    • Weight: 75g / 2.65oz
    • Store dry, cool and away from light
    • Produced in Spain



    • Diameter: ø 105mm
    • Height: 90mm
    • Weight: approx 350g
    • Made in Germany



    • Height: approx 150mm
    • Diameter: approx ø 40mm

    Put 1 t- 2 tsp of the chocolate blend into a cup and pour 50 ml hot water over it. Let the chocolate melt for a few seconds and stir to dissolve. Heat up  100ml plant milk and pour over the chocolate mixure.