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Female Balance Set

Female Balance Set

This specially designed ceramic spoon is hand-made by artist Nonna Melikyan using white natural clay, glazed with non toxic, food-safe glazes.
The piece can be hand washed or added into a dishwasher, although we always recommend to wash them by hand so it can last longer.


The idea to create this unique “Female Balance Set" was born the moment I saw Clay Cloud creations and knew that the feminine shapes, forms and colours of her pieces would perfectly accompany the new elixir.


Barcelona based ceramic artist Nonna Melikyan graduated from university as a linguist and cross-cultural communicator. Little did she know that ceramics would be her silent communicator. Yes, it’s possible to talk to clay while working on it, she confirms.

Her love for clouds is perfectly illustrated in her ceramic pieces...soft colors, light textures, minimalist style.
She finds peace in the working process which seems like meditation to her. “I am sure that my final ceramic pieces transmit the calm vibes that I give to the clay during the process.”

    VAT Included
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