Female Balance Workshop Series #3

Saturday, July 11

10 - 11:30 am (Paris time)


This is #3 of my FEMALE BALANCE Workshop series that I will be offering on a regular basis with different topics as the main focus. I will address common issues and struggles that are beyond the physical process during our monthly cycle but dive deeper into the causes for hormonal imbalances alongside mood swings, negative self-talk and a disconnection from our female body. By identifying feminine and masculine traits and understanding their qualities we can learn to integrate them into our lives and find balance through nutrition, training/movement, relaxation and self-TALK (cause this is where it all starts…).


In this episode I will focus on honest self-talk and how our perception of whats real, good and "enough" varies based on how we are mentally and emotionally aligned with our bodies.

Of course we will also discuss certain foods that can support or disrupt our hormonal balance and how you can find out whats the "best diet" for you! 


Find more details in the infosheet attached.

You can also request the video recording (leave a comment in the check-out section)!



    • Language: english
    • Platform: online workshop via Zoom
    • Link will be sent by email 30 mins before the workshop (check your SPAM!)

A: 40130 Capbreton, France

E: contact@lisamueller-sen.com

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