Kaitxo Dark chocolate with Ezpeleta pepper

Kaitxo Dark chocolate with Ezpeleta pepper

This is a 75% dark chocolate bar, made with a touch of Espelette pepper. The variety “Gorria” native to South America, was imported in the Basque country in the 16th century. Used in early times as a medicinal plant, the Espelette pepper is then used to preserve meat and in the traditional Basque cuisine. It has a slight spicy touch that combines wonderfully with this chocolate. 

Kaitxo works with top quality cacao varieties personally selected at origin and this chocolate is a homage to our region.


    Weight: 70 g


    • 75% Cocoa butter
    • sugar
    • emulsifier (soy lecithin)
    • ezpeleta pepper (0.2%)

    Allergens: may contain traces of nuts and milk.

    Gluten free.

    Store dry and cool (14-17°C)