Kaitxo Kafe Swahili Chocolate

Kaitxo Kafe Swahili Chocolate

The "Kafe Swahili" is a vegan white chocolate bar inspired by the Swahili way (a west African culture) of drinking coffee. Their tradition includes the addition of cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper in their beverage. The coffee in the chocolate is an Ethiopian “Yirgacheffe" that Kaitxo is roasting in house. The milk solids of the white chocolate are replaced by cashews to create a smooth and creamy texture. The cacao butter percentage is 42% and although it is a very sweet kind of bar the complex flavours are still the dominant leaders! Tastes great with an actual cup of coffee or as a small sweet treat after dinner. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth so you can really taste all the components. Less is more!


    Weight: 70 g


    • cocoa butter
    • cashews (30%)
    • cane suger*
    • coffee*
    • spices (less than 1%: cinnamo, cardamom, cloves)

    * organic origin

    Allergens: contain of 30% of cashew nuts and may contain traces of milk.

    Gluten free.

    Store dry and cool (16-18°C)