Morning Ritual Starter Pack

Morning Ritual Starter Pack

This is the perfect gift for family, friends and of course - yourself.
It includes all the necessary tools that you need to start your own matcha ritual with traditional tools, translated into modern day life. You can prepare your matcha either in the morning or anytime you need a little break or energy boost. Every item of this pack has been carefully selected based on its highest quality and usage purpose. The Deluxe Morning Ritual is the perfect choice for beginners or anyone who likes to drink their matcha with plant milk as a “latte”. For the preparation you will also need the bamboo whisk which helps you dissolve the powder properly and create a frothy consistency. The matcha bowl has been designed in collaboration with BRSG Keramik and has all the traditional features with Elizaveta’s unique style and colour tone. 


    This pack includes:


    • Ingredient: Green tea grown without pesticides
    • Weight per bag: 30g / 1oz
    • Region: Ujitawara, Kyoto
    • Harvest: Spring
    • Grinding : 100% by stone mill
    • Keep refrigerated or in the freezer
    • Made in Japan


    • Diameter: ø 130mm
    • Height: 75mm
    • Weight: approx 400g
    • Made in Germany


    • Prongs: 100
    • Height: approx 110mm
    • Diameter: approx ø 60mm

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