Selenite is an excellent tool to purify our energies and our aura from the heavy and undesirable energies that can cling to it. It allows us to clarify our mind, develop our intuition and our feelings about ourselves.


You can use it every morning - or as soon as you feel the need - to cleanse your aura, passing it around your body as you would a brush. 

If you meditate lying down, place it on your sternum (heart chakra) or above your head (coronal chakra) to purify and soothe you.

This stone is for me if: I want to complete my rituals of energetic purification by bringing in light energies, I need a stone both soft and powerful to raise my consciousness during meditation, I am in a period where feelings of disturbance arise and I need to purify my aura to move forward.


Crystal by Mystic Mama.


    • Recharge: full moon
    • Length: 8 to 12cm

A: 40130 Capbreton, France


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