Matcha & Black Sesame White Chocolate

Matcha & Black Sesame White Chocolate

This is our first collaboration with a spanish / basque chocolatier Raquel Gonzalez, co-founder and bean to bar producer of KAITXO. We have developed this bar with the goal to introduce our "Morning Ritual" matcha to the chocolate world. The rich cacao butter balances out the gentle sweetness as well as the bitter notes of the matcha. You also get some toasty notes from the black sesame and a hint of sea salt.  This product is for serious chocolate lovers who are open-minded to try something new. 



    Weight: 70gr.


    • Cacao butter*
    • Cashews (32%)
    • Cane sugar*
    • Matcha tea
    • Black sesame*
    • Vanilla
    • Salt

    * Organic origin

    Allergens: may contain traces of nuts and milk.

    Gluten free.

    Store dry and cool (16-18°C)