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Lisa, originally from Austria, has always had a passion and interest in holistic health, cooking, nutrition, movement, travelling and different cultures. Her background as a dancer has a big influence on the way she is creating recipes and preparing food for herself and clients. Lisa has been a professional chef for over 15 years and was living / working in New York, Melbourne, Bali, Vienna, London, Cornwall, Belfast, Berlin and France. Her passion and belief in plant-based "SEN - food" soon became the focus of her creations and so she opened her first restaurant - the Lab Kitchen, in collaboration with the Adidas Runbase in Berlin. This place represented her vision in bringing together athletes, yogis, mindfulness teachers, CEO's, global travellers, musicians and artists - while preparing nourishing foods and healthy desserts.

After selling her restaurant in 2017, she put her focus on international travels and freelance work again. Collaborating with different lifestyle, fashion and sports brands but also offering her skills and passion as a private chef for yoga, surf and women's health retreats.

In 2018 she relocated to Hossegor in the South West of France, the center of surfing and active life style culture.

Since launching her Matcha business Grounded in 2020, her focus is now on building a sustainable and inspirational brand while curating ceremonies, events and experiences for a broad market.


I was introduced to matcha around 15 years ago when in the back of a tea shop in Soho, New York a Japanese woman prepared me my first matcha latte - which happened to change my life forever. I was curious and remember not being able to categorize the unique flavor and smell but it was special and looking back, I definitely fell in love with matcha that day. 

It has accompanied me all those years around the world and gave me a sense of home and comfort thanks to my daily Morning Ritual, while providing me with nutrients, energy, antioxidants and a warm feeling in my belly. I tried many great (but also a lot of bad quality) varieties over the past years but somehow I was continuously searching for "the perfect" matcha.

In 2019 I connected with a tea connoisseur from Japan who introduced me to some of his local tea farmer in Uji, Kyoto (the birth place of matcha) and Kagoshima (the main area for organic matcha) and he shared with me his knowledge on the growing, harvesting, grinding and blending process. I still remember the first sip I took from one of his matcha samples and how I immediately knew that this was it. The "Morning Ritual" Matcha was born.

Since then the webshop and product line including accessories like matcha bowls, whisks and whisk holders have grown immensely and we are always looking to expand and extend the experience of our products and its usage for you.

It was out of desperation, passion, curiosity and continuous (re-) search that I decided to translate the ancient tradition of preparing matcha into an "every day life" practice that everyone can enjoy!

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