I am offering modern Matcha Ceremonies for individuals & businesses.

I also provide my service at retreats, yoga festivals and events (sport, holistic health, culinary arts, fashion etc). You will learn all about the plant "Camellia Sinensis" and the heritage of matcha green tea,  it's rich history and traditional vs modern harvesting techniques. You will get to prepare and try our "Morning Ritual" as a hot matcha latte, the "Supreme SEN" as an iced version as well as our "Heritage Premium" for a pure tasting combined with a little sweet treat.

The purpose of this ceremony is to share an old tradition translated into modern day life so you can prepare it at home too and you can enjoy the benefits of its nutritional values as well as the spiritual aspect of it.


Cooking & Coaching


No matter if you are an athlete, yogi, busy mom or "just" a health conscious person - this service is for you! If you want to eat "better" but simply don't have the time (or nerves for cooking & shopping), if you like to improve your physical performance, find more balance through optimal nutrition or dive deeper into the alignment of the menstrual cycle and nutrition - I am here to help! I am offering a private cooking / delivery service (for individuals, groups, families, companies...) - always catering for your individual / collective needs and dietary requirements. You can also book a 1:1 coaching separately if you would like to dive deeper and get more clarity, support and guidance on your health journey.