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Ceremonial Matcha Set Deluxe - Forest Stone Bowl

Ceremonial Matcha Set Deluxe - Forest Stone Bowl

The Ceremonial Matcha Set Deluxe with our naturally glazed Forest Stone Bowl is our most unique and extraordinary set and the perfect gift for friends, family and loved ones. It includes all the necessary tools that you need to start your own Matcha Morning Ritual or gift someone this holistic and sensual experience. Every item of this set has been carefully selected based on its highest quality and usage purpose.


The Morning Ritual or also called “early days” in Japanese is the perfect matcha powder for beginners and those who love to drink it as a Matcha Latte. Our Matcha powder is freshly ground to order and it has a wonderful balance of bitter, grassy and umami notes. Create a daily ritual around the preparation so you can fully dive into the experience of a peaceful but energizing start of the day.

The matcha powder comes in a sealed aluminum pouch. We recommend opening the bag and filling the matcha into our brown glass jar for optimal storage (refrigerated).


For the preparation of a pure matcha or for a matcha latte, a “chasen” (= traditional bamboo whisk) is a must. The whisk allows you to froth the matcha powder with the water while breaking up lumps. It also creates volume, flavor, aroma and the right texture in order to reveal the full glory of our matcha varieties. 


The ceramic whisk holder (traditionally called Kusenaoshi) is for all our bamboo whisk varieties. After you have used and rinsed your whisk, place it onto the stand while still wet, to reshape the prongs and let it air dry to guarantee a longer shelf life.

This Kusenaoshi is handmade by the ceramic artist Manja Götze from Berlin, Germany. 


Note: Every piece is unique and created with the power of alchemy. This picture represents a colour pattern and shape of the product but minor deviations might occur.







    • Ingredients: Green tea grown without pesticides
    • Weight per bag: 30g / 1oz
    • Region: Kagoshima, Japan
    • Harvest: Spring
    • Grinding : 100% by stone mill
    • Keep refrigerated or in the freezer
    • Made in Japan




    • Diameter: ø 130mm
    • Height: 75mm
    • Weight: approx 400g
    • Made in Germany




    • Prongs: 100
    • Height: approx 110mm
    • Diameter: approx ø 60mm
    • Made in China




    • Height: approx 6cm
    • Width: approx 5 cm
    • Material: ceramic
    • Origin: Germany

    Find the traditional preparation technique and recipe HERE


VAT Included
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