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Heritage Premium – 30g Matcha Powder

Heritage Premium – 30g Matcha Powder

Our Heritage Premium is an award winning and very unique variety from a small family farm in Kyoto. It has an intensely rich level of umami with a creamy texture and very little astringency. It's definitely for the more "advanced" matcha lover or anyone who wants to experience a more complex and original matcha variety.

We recommend drinking the Heritage Premium pure and prepared the traditional way alongside a small sweet.


The matcha powder comes in a sealed aluminum pouch. We recommend opening the bag and filling the matcha into our brown glass jar for optimal storage (refrigerated).





    • Ingredients: Green tea 
    • Weight: 30g / 1oz
    • Region: Kyoto, Japan
    • Harvest: Spring
    • Grinding : 100% by stone mill
    • Keep refrigerated or in the freezer
    • Made in Japan



    Find the traditional preparation technique and recipe HERE.

VAT Included
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