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Forest Stone Bowl

Forest Stone Bowl

The Forest Stone Bowl is a collaboration with the Berlin-based artist Elizaveta Barsegova from BRSG Keramik. Each bowl is hand-crafted in the shape and size inspired by the ancient knowledge of Japanese pottery, combined with Elizaveta's unique style and colour palate. 


This edition was created with handpicked forest stones and alder ashes, sprinkled with natural minerals and gemstones. The mixture of mud and earth turned into stone by the heat of 1300 C … this is the alchemy behind each vessel. Made with 100% natural materials and without chemical glazes.


Note: Every piece is unique and created with the power of alchemy. This picture represents a colour pattern and shape of the product but minor deviations might occur.


    • Diameter: ø 130mm
    • Height: 75mm
    • Weight: approx 400g
    • Made in Germany
VAT Included
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