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This nutritious cacao blend has been carefully developed and created in order to support your hormonal balance and reconnect you with your body and your cyclic needs. Our chocolate is made from a 100% organic and fair trade cacao variety from Peru that has been coarsely ground and combined with high-quality cacao powder, unrefined coconut sugar, assorted superfoods, and adaptogens as well as freshly ground spices that give this blend a warming quality.  Enjoy this drink on the days of the month (highly recommended during your Luteal / PMS Phase leading up to your menstruation) when you need a grounding morning or evening ritual, physical support, and an extra portion of TLC.

This blend is dairy-free and therefore suitable for vegans.

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antiviral, antibacterial,


Helps lower cholesterol

and blood sugar levels

Full of  antioxidants

including the highly beneficial EGCG

Gets rid of harmful toxins

and maintains good

gastrointernal health  

Increases physical performance

and stamina (helpful for athletes)

Calms the mind

and relaxes the body

(Zen Buddhism)

Could help prevent

cancer due to

high levels of


Improves the

lipid metabolism



Basic Information:

100% cacao paste, coconut sugar, cacao powder,
red maca powder, chaga, reishi, spice blend (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, 

star anis, clove), ashwaganda, salt

  • Produced in a facility that uses nuts

  • Weight: 250g / 8.82oz

  • Store dry, cool and protected from light 

  • Manufactured in France





Put 1 - 2 tablespoons of Elixir in a cup and pour 50 ml of hot water over it. Let the chocolate melt for a few seconds and stir well until the powder is completely dissolved. Alternatively: froth it with an electric or matcha whisk.


Warm up 100 - 150 ml of plant milk (we recommend a mix of almond and oat milk), froth it up and pour it over the hot chocolate.


The Elixir contains coarse chocolate pieces from the grinding process that must be dissolved in hot water and / or warm plant milk to ensure a fine and creamy experience. Be patient with the process :-)


I originally created this drink 6 years ago when I had my own restaurant in collaboration with the Adidas Runbase Berlin. I worked closely with women who were either starting to train for the (half-) marathon, their personal health & well-being, or as professional athletes. Over time and many conversations later, I discovered that a lot of women had issues with their menstrual cycle - painful, irregular, or missing periods, or no menstruation at all.

Many of them were not even fully aware of it or the impact this had on their overall health (apart from their fertility). Something that really shocked and surprised me which needed a lot more attention and education! 

I started to study and investigate more on this topic, reading books, articles, and scientific studies - which unfortunately still aren't that many of - and tried to make sense of all of this.
At this time there were no books or magazines specialised and dedicated to “Nutrition for women” and I realized that I wanted to be part of that change.

Educating women on their monthly cycle and their individual needs but also providing the right meals/drinks and pre-/post workout snacks so they can truly experience the effect of - not just “healthy” food - but nutrition that aligns with their hormones. 
First, I started to motivate women during their luteal and critical “PMS” Phase to swap out coffee for my elixir. At this point, the elixir was only a drink on the menu in my restaurant that I created and mixed weekly as a little magic potion for my regular customers. Little did I know that it would become symbolic for them as a self-care ritual that they celebrated the days before their menstruation - alongside other tools and rituals to help the body and mind go through this challenging phase.

At this point, I think it's important to mention that my own personal story around this topic has been rocky and definitely not linear or easy either. I had anorexia at 14, spent 6 months in hospital, and didn't have my period for around 8 years as a result of malnutrition and a complete horrendous hormonal imbalance. I was also a dancer, training up to 8 hours a day and definitely not eating enough / sufficient nutrients during that time - also due to a lack of information from our dance teachers and even worse - encouragement to stay lean and "fragile" for pure aesthetic reasons... Eventually I got diagnosed with PCOS and as a result of my eating disorder, my gynecologist didn't give me much hope to get my period back again “naturally”.

Although I never wanted children, this diagnoses hit me and got me into investigation mode as I was still highly motivated and curious to see if I can get my menstruation and therefore also my ovulation back without external drugs like high-dose estradiol creams which I took during and after my time in hospital.
With a mother who had breast cancer when she was in her late 20ies, this was an alarming factor that I needed to take into consideration. I decided to do it “my way” and try different therapies, supplements, herbs and foods that were known by ancient cultures and traditions as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine to help stabilise and rebalance your hormones.


Many years and experiences later - I can proudly say that I have found a home and safe place inside my body and a deeper understanding of its needs and requirements not only to “function” well but also to thrive as a woman.
I have been teaching my “Female Balance Workshop Series” over the past years and focused on an online platform in 2020 which opened a whole new door to so many more women worldwide who participated and shared their stories. I gained a lot of insights and knowledge around this topic through these conversations and my own experience therefore I wanted to create a product and tool that can help and support you individually as well as connect other women who struggle with the same/similar issues to exchange, educate and help/support each other.


This is just the beginning of a way bigger topic that I will personally and also collectively support in any way I can: help with funding on science-based studies around nutrition, training, fasting, recovery and mental health specialized on women, workshops/events with specialists, 1:1 nutrition coaching, easily accessible information, and recipes.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you!



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