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30 days of matcha - Your New Morning Ritual

Updated: Feb 6

introduction to your march challenge

In the month of March, we will take you along our “30 days of matcha - Your New Morning Ritual” challenge and inspire you to try something new and experience the impact it will have on your life yourself.  March is the month of Spring and renewal and it takes time, patience and repetition for us to really adapt new habits. Nothing has ever been done or un-done overnight. It's a slow and steady process and a matcha morning ritual is just one of the many ways to “re-program” our habits and therefore also our brain. Use this challenge to really reflect and ask yourself what, how and why you would like to change something in your life and it can be as simple as - I want to eat my breakfast sitting not walking - You get the point ;-) 

"A matcha morning ritual has helped me to take a deep breath and get some quiet time before my children wake up and I need to run out the house to teach my morning yoga class."


TRY: one month no coffee in the morning (you don't have to stop drinking coffee all together obviously) but a grounding nourishing matcha latte (find some milk alternatives and my favourite nut milk recipe here) where the preparation is part of the “mindfulness practise” and as important as the drinking part. Try to avoid taking it on the go unless you are really running out of time (which happens to all of us sometimes :-) and find a realistic time and committed place (couch, balcony, yoga mat,  kitchen table…) for your daily ritual - which doesn't take longer than 20 - 30 minutes.

woman holding matcha bowl with matcha latte

We have partnered with Clarissa, a yoga teacher,  health enthusiast, world traveller and now also matcha addict from the South of France to bring our favourite morning ritual to you. We want to inspire you to create your own sacred matcha ritual in the morning in order to connect with yourself, have some quiet time before the day starts, nourish your body, calm the mind and practise a few minutes of meditation or silence. We will provide tools, education, recipes and hopefully also inspiration so you can re-create your own matcha ritual at home. Clarisse and me will guide you along the way and give you tips and ideas to help you make this your daily habit. 

iced matcha latte by grounded matcha
Clarisse Douat drinking a matcha latte at volt cafe Hossegor


You only need a few simple tools to prepare your matcha. We recommend using the Morning Ritual matcha for a matcha latte - especially if you are new to the world of matcha (see discount below) and a bamboo whisk (the only accessory that's mandatory). Of course a beautiful matcha bowl makes the whole experience even more special and aesthetically beautiful but you can also just use a regular bowl - just make sure it has a flat surface to whisk properly (don't use a tea cup). Find the recipe and video for the preparation here

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get a discount for premium ceremonial matcha powder
win a matcha set and a calendar by Julia Creative Studio

And lastly we would really appreciate a quick vote on our poll below so we know what your personal motivation / curiosity is and what you individually need from us to help support you on your way to make small but mindful changes in your life.

What is your motivation and goal to (re-) start a Matcha Morning Ritual?

  • I want to have more quiet time for myself

  • I want to stop / reduce my coffee intake

  • I want to use it as a motivation to exercise afterwards

  • I want to try something new


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