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Apple "doughnuts"

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

This snack doesn't really need an explanation but I'll do it anyways 😬

I always mention that the easiest snack to carry and travel with are fruits and nuts (or nut butter - unless you are on the plane 😒). That's really all it takes to nourish and fuel you up for a few hours without food or shitty alternatives. But if you want to prepare a NICE snack at home for yourself or your friends / kids, invest some extra time and make it FANCY 💅🏼

The only tool you need is an apple core cutter. It makes it so much easier to eat and looks way nicer on the plate. I like to get sweet and crisp apples and cut them into finger-thick pieces. Spread some peanut-, almond-, cashewbutter or tahini on it and then top with

  • granola

  • cacao nibs

  • hemp seeds

  • roasted & crushed nuts

  • coconut chips

  • pomegranate seeds

  • soaked goji berries

  • chocolate chips

  • berry jam

  • the list goes on...

When I pack them for a trip, I make a sandwich out of it (and cut the slices thinner) which is way easier to transport and eat. Also tastes great with pears, figs and persimmon (kaki) when they are in season.

Did I forget any toppings?


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