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Back to School // Work // Reality

… including 3 unusual ways to start your day (plus a VERY obvious one 😏)

Daily morning matcha latte preparation

The countdown is on!

Only a few more days left before school / uni start again and work / “daily life” are back to normal! Not for everyone of course but most of us can already feel the melancholy and stress approaching when the long warm days are fading and the evenings with friends on the beach or on restaurant terraces are replaced by alarm clock sound, coffee on the go and more grey and rainy days.... It’s bittersweet and the transition will never be easy but there is also a beauty in the letting go and new beginnings. That’s why I am here - to remind you that if you need some support and a little push to start or continue a / your morning ritual -> THIS IS YOUR SIGN 🙋‍♀️

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder and bamboo whisk

If it already feels stressful for you just thinking about the "back to school/work" routine -

I don’t recommend you start with the "good intention mantra" at 6 am with meditation, yoga, breathwork and journaling while sipping on your matcha with homemade almond oat milk 🤪 I propose you start with a mini version aka whatever you feel like you can manage 😇 This should be YOUR morning, not another To Do List. But there are 3 (rather) unusual ways that I would like to propose to you so you can start your day feeling fresh(er) 🫣, centered, grounded, maybe even a bit new and different but most important - ready for the day!

Standing meditation to ground yourself

Standing meditation:

When we think of meditation we often think of sitting on a yoga mat in yoga clothes, crosslegged for a minimum of 20 minutes. Forget that. This is even simpler and can be done anywhere anytime and I recommend doing this for as simple as one minute every morning either in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or on your balcony / terrace if you have one - this way you can already get some natural morning light in which is explained in this great article about "Using Light for Health".

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and parallel to one another. Your weight is evenly spread across the bottoms of your feet to create that physical and mental sensation that people call "centered." Place one hand on your belly and the other one on your chest or both hands on your belly. The triangle breathing technique uses a deep breathing pattern with external breath retention. It consists of imagining each breath cycle as a triangle, using a 4:4:4 (second) ratio for inhaling, holding, and exhaling. ONE MINUTE - that's it (for the beginning). This will bring you straight into the present moment and help connect with yourself (before everyone else needs / wants you) 🤪 You are now more than centered,

You are grounded 🙏

matcha aloe vera ice cubes for facials

Ice Facial: If you are one of those people who either forget to wash their face in the morning or use luke warm water....try this - you either gonna love or really hate it 😂. Take an ice cube (or a frozen piece of aloe vera which you have peeled, rinsed under hot water and cut into squares before freezing in a zip lock bag) and gently rub your face and under eyes for a few seconds. You can also apply the "Gua Sha technique"with your frozen aloe vera piece. It will help you wake up, activate your lymphatic system and you will feel fresh and glowy afterwards. If you have sensitive skin only apply for a few seconds!

DIY Matcha Aloe Vera Gel:

Blend 1 tsp of "Morning Ritual" matcha powder with a 5 x 5 cm piece of aloe vera, 1 Tbsp of honey and fill into silicon moulds. Freeze and use for your face icing or as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory mask (leave on for 15 min).

Mood: If you normally listen to the radio or your favorite Spotify playlist in the morning, try this feel good soundtrack and let yourself be transported back to the … Movie 🤗


All of this doesn't take more than 5 minutes and obviously shouldn’t add stress but relief (for body and mind) and a few new fun ways so spice up your morning! And for the more obvious recommendation to add to your morning routine - you know what’s coming 🤓

If you are not on the “Your new morning ritual” train yet - this is your chance to start and join the movement! If you are completely new to matcha and this sounds like something you are craving and needing in your life, our Starter Pack is the perfect place to start your journey. Watch the video here and read the step by step guide on how to prepare your perfect matcha latte.

If you would also like to add a little aesthetic touch to your ritual - I highly recommend one of our two bowls that have been created and formed with traditional Japanese features infused with Elizaveta's unique pottery style.

Premium Matcha Set with Forest Stone Bowl

And if you are already a customer and on the matcha train but scared to run out of matcha while things get hectic - get your 100g Refill bag and stay tuned for our soon to come subscription option so you never have to worry about a day / week without matcha anymore.

I wish you all a smooooth transition after your summer holidays and I hope that some of our unusual ways to start your morning as well as a gentle reminder to begin / continue your morning with a bowl of hot creamy frothy sweet delicious matcha could bring some inspiration and excitement for your upcoming routines!


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